Precious Stones and Semi-Precious Stones have been the love of my jewellery life…..Whether it is the humble agate or the yellow diamond they have inspired me to create.

There is not a culture or place on Earth that has not been affected by them.Wars have been fought and financed by them, countries invaded to gain possession of them,literature is full of their mystique and allure.In China tens of thousands of men died building a road over 3,000 miles to Burma to mine the famed Jadeite……Yet the same fascination that drives emperors to conquer countries to possess them makes a child pick up a pretty stone on the beach!!!!

I vivdly remember as a child of about 6 or 7 picking up agates on the beach in Marazian in Cornwall,I put them in a glass jar with water and kept them in my bedroom for years……to this day when we travel on holiday my car or suitcase is always full of pebbles,unusual minerals washed by rivers,open any draw in my house and you will find stones,rough,cut and polished.

Through this passion I have developed a keen eye for good looking and keenly priced stones.I have connections from Alaska to Hong Kong and can source anything.This passion draws stone dealers and buyer together and I often find myself forgetting the task in hand of buying stones and just admiring them with my dealers……..

Life as a jeweller is full of beauty….let me share it with you!!!!

Simon x