A big hearty “hello” to all my old and new customers and welcome to my new website.

It is no coincidence that the launching of this website coincides with the big “gift event” of the year!! “Christmas is a coming” and my work bench is starting to groan under the weight of gorgeous stones and platinum and gold.It is at this time of year that I have a amazing collection of very high quality stones for you to style that perfect gift around.Please contact me and arrange for an exclusive peek at all the goodies…..

I have tried to give you an idea of what my world of making jewellery is like, there is some background information on myself in the WHO section,see if you can spot the Henry VIII lookalike?

Look at the “case studies”to see the process from design to finished piece. To get an idea of my passion and see my ideas about jewellery life have a look at my “Thoughts”.This website is not about making a quick decision but more about putting time and effort into creating the perfect piece of jewellery…..

Handmade Jewellery is the Perfect Christmas Gift