Simon Gorgin Making Bespoke Jewellery


I am now 57 and have been making jewellery for 40 years.I first got a job with a craft jeweller looking after his stall at craft shows in the 70s,and travelled the country setting up my stall at small country fairs and everything up to the Royal Agricultural shows.Selling simple silver pieces with semi-precious stones seemed like the Crown Jewels to me and my love of jewellery began.Working on the stall made me understand how much people loved precious metal and stones.In the evenings I would return to the workshop and watch Jeff and Peter working their magic I was hooked and couldnt wait to try making jewellery myself, I quickly realised that I had “clever hands”and became more interested in making the jewellery.

I then struck out on my own. Tools and metal were bought and a spare bedroom became a workshop, I started designing and soon had a style of my own that was to change many times over the coming years,but in a short time I realised that I needed more tools and more space. I then started using not just silver but gold and platinum,I employed Michael a fine old mounter( a man who can make a piece of jewellery from raw metal) and from him learnt a vast amount and nothing became to big or complicated for my workshop to take on.It was at this time I began the love affair with precious gem stones.When I started making pieces with diamonds and sapphires etc I had these stones on my bench for many days and got to know individual stones with all their characteristics.It wasnt long before I found himself in more exotic locations of the world buying stones,Sri Lanka,India,Thailand and China were regularly visited to buy the stones I loved.

I felt a genuine connection with all these different elements,metals,stones,tools and design and needed a bigger canvas for my art and increased my outlets.Covent Garden,Camden,Greenwich and many of the more prestigeous craft shows regularly showcased my jewellery.It wasnt long before I had 3 shops as well as the craft business.The shops allowed me to sell more expensive jewels and create an enviroment of luxury,always in a very human and personal way.The workshop was always at the back of the shops allowing me to get involved with my customers …..many times customers have sat in the workshop watching and helping with design decisions over a cup of tea…

This openess and involvement with customers has pushed me into developing the main stay of my current business which is my very customer friendly design process.In the past it was always difficult to make everything bespoke as to design and draw a piece is a lengthy and expensive process. I can now design on computer and produce amazingly accurate “renders”of the finished article before making anything.With the current technologies it is now possible to be fully involved with me and offer suggestions as to how you see your finished piece.Images are easily sent and decisions can be quickly made with the use of smartphones,tablets etc.

All aspects of the design process are free of charge……..