First comes the customer, that’s you, with an idea.It can be as complicated or simple as you like,when it is just a thought is a good time to contact me. I will ask the questions to help us both start the design process.The early ideas come from jewellery you have seen,the internet,books etc…with these hints from you I start to understand what you like and start the seed of a design…..

Jewellery Design Ideas Stage






The second part of the process is the actual design,this is much easier than you might imagine.I design in several ways but the most customer friendly and FREE way is by CAD, computer assisted design.¬†The incredible advantage of CAD is that I can change the design very easily in any way that we decide making small changes along the way till we end up with an image of exactly what you want. I will then produce a technical style drawing which with the press of a button I can change to a “render”which is an image that looks like a finished piece…

There are many ways to design and I am strongly led by the choice of stone. Its shape size and colour gives many clues as to what is to be made. My stone dealers have the most amazing quality and diversity you can dream of.

Handmade Jewellery Design Process by Simon Gorgin







Lastly the making of your piece. In the workshop I have a mantra of excellence. The transformation of idea to reality is a skill that needs sensitivity and careful thought. Jewellery is a very emotive purchase so it is important to get it exactly right. I use old tried and tested techniques that have served me well over the years. To read more please visit my Blog post about Jewellery Craftsmanship.