Diamond and White Gold Gorgeous Curly Wurly Necklace

I love the idea that the jewellery I make is worn everyday and becomes loved and part of someones life…..

However there are times when something special is needed. This is one of those pieces that you don’t wear to Sainsburys!

The brief was loose “I want something to make her feel really special” So this is what I made…….. there are over 300 diamonds all hand set, the focal diamond is a 1.4ct “transition cut” stone, this means that is was cut in Edwardian times before the brilliant cut had been invented and the traditional old cut was a thing of the past.It lends a vintage feel to a piece that has been made with very traditional methods but when you see it it feels modern.

The following year the same customer came back with another brief for me and bought the Diamond and White Gold Curly Wurly Earrings for his very lucky Wife!
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Old Cut Diamond Detail on Exquisite Necklace

Original Hand Drawn Sketch of Idea

CAD Necklace Design

Design on a Sheet of Gold

Starting Piercing Out

Cut Out Diamond Holes Drilled

Slightly Domed

Starting Back Holes

Half the Back Holes Done

All the Back Holes Now Done

Making the Back Bezel

Bezel Cut Out

Finished Exquisite Necklace

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