Making a New Handmade Eternity Ring with Marquise Diamonds from Old Jewellery

Grannies old 3 stone diamond ring had worn claws and a chipped diamond,the lady loved it but wanted something a little more modern.

She was talking about an eternity ring but only had 3 diamonds and didn’t want to spend a lot more. I came up with the idea of putting marquise diamonds in between. Because they are long stones but narrow they don’t weigh much so are not so expensive. This design went more than half way round the finger making it look like a full eternity ring.

< Click and Move on Image to Zoom In to Detail >

Grannies old ring with worn claws and chipped diamond

Design in yellow with “lights” in the settings

Design in white gold with plain settings

Finished ring in yellow and white gold

Customers old cut diamond repaired and repolished

Close up of new marquise diamond


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